Who Am I?

I was born in Russia in a kind of small city, Togliatti, it's about 1000 kilometres from Moscow, but when I have been 8 years old my mom and I moved to the capital.  I was travelling all over Russia during all my childhood time, cause of my mom's job, changed cities one by one and felt everywhere like home. Later I started to do the same on my own, but with countries, I can describe myself how a real cosmopolite. All the world is my home

My story

I've travelled for now in 12 countries and who already knows how much cities, too much to count and I'm not planning to stop-) From them I've been living in 3 of them and in my blog will try to focus mostly on my experience about living and travelling in there.

What can you find on my blog?

Probably you found my blog because you're looking for some tips about your new travel destination. I can show you the new travelling possibilities, full of adventures and with possibilities to look on another side of a country you're going to, you will never find it without the extra knowledge, not in tour guide brochure, not even if you ask a usual local.  Ready to open deep secrets?


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Ready to open deep secrets?